The direction we've taken.

AmpersatDiverge Media initially started in 2008 as a freelance web development company. It began modestly with the intent of providing affordable websites to local Orlando and Central Florida area businesses seeking an alternative to costly agencies and design houses. We continue to make quality, functionality, and service our primary goals and seek to provide our clients with custom web solutions that fit their needs and their budgets.

Your company’s online presence is as much a part of your identity as traditional print materials and that is why we insist on keeping our designs in line with your brand. Websites need to make an impact…to resonate with your viewers. As this is often the first exposure many people will have with your company it is the perfect opportunity to share your distinct personality. We feel that our designs will help help create the buzz you need to get your audience interested, engaged, and calling you to learn more.

We focus on the smallest of details, so you don’t have to. All of our sites are designed to be cross-browser compliant, optimized to load quickly, and are developed with the latest standards and best practices. In addition, we offer a complete range of services from branding and identity development to digital publishing across a number of different electronic marketing platforms.

A note about our name

We chose the name “Diverge” because we believe that creativity is always an exploration. The road we start from is seldom the same one we finish on, and the feeling of exhilaration we get from our work is much like undertaking a grand adventure. If you share in the traveler’s spirit, perhaps you will agree that you always discover more when you step off the path!

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